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Travel information


Tenerife is a popular tourist destination, so we are well communicated to almost everywhere in Europe. There are two international airports and good highways to travel inside the island.

Getting to Tenerife: There are two airports in Tenerife:

1. "Los Rodeos" or "Tenerife Norte" (TFN), which is 26 km from Puerto de la Cruz.


2. "Reina Sofia" or "Tenerife Sur" (TFS), which is 90 km from Puerto de la Cruz.


Unfortunately the furthest one, Tenerife Sur, is the one operating most flight, especially those coming from abroad. However, it is now possible to fly to Tenerife Norte from several locations in mainland Spain, UK or Germany.

More information on getting from these airports to Puerto de la Cruz will appear in this page soon, please come back.

Tourist Information


There is plenty of webpages with information about Tenerife. Some examples follow:

Official Website of Tenerife Tourism Corporation    

    Tourism information from local administration

Tenerife page in Wikipedia